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    Are walkers with seats allowed on The Bus or on the Waikiki Trolly. I am a disabled senior and can not get an answer from either.
    Help!!!!!I am planning a trip and do not want to wait and be surprised or turned away.

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    Have you consulted TheBus web site at: about this?

    I guess the question would be is your walker be able to fold once you are on the bus?

    For the bus themselves they do have lifts or ramps (depending on the model of the bus) to allow for those passengers needing help to get on or off. There are sections in the front of the bus to allow for disabled or senior citizens passengers.

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    The Bus accommodates wheelchairs, disabled folks, people with bikes and I would be SHOCKED if they were to turn you away. I wouldn't worry about it, and if they give you any guf, simply point at the handicap ramp, the bike rack, and ask them for a legit reason as to why a walker with seat isn't acceptable. Hell, they even have front seat areas that are for such things, like wheelchairs.

    I really don't think you would have much to worry about, Malolo.

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    They're allowed on, but must be kept folded and out of the way, which is usually impossible and that's where the problems occur. The onboard wheelchair access areas will not be used for walkers, etc., but they may fit under the seats in those areas, yet I've never seen that happen. Expect hassles.

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    The walker might need to be secured within the bus, thus the possible problem. (So that is does not roll and injure or block someone.) Customer Service: (808) 848-4500 .

    While you check with the bus on that, also check out the Handi-Van Service, which is available to those using walkers, including visitors. [Advance reservations required.]
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amati View Post
    The walker might need to be secured within the bus.]
    There is no provided way to secure items and no requirement, it's up to the individual to contain their items, some do and some don't, some drivers try to address it and some don't.

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    Thanks everyone...I am glad I checked into this before I got there. All I am trying to do is get to Liliha bakery and to a farmers market for fresh quava. The Waikiki Trolly does not allow them on because the kind I have does not fold up very small and when it does fold up it is heavy to carry. I have spinal injuries and am not suppose to lift any weight. I am coming over to my birthplace one last time while I still can. Thanks for all the suggestions. I think I will just stay on Waikiki and relax at the hotel after I find a way to get my cake.....Mahalo

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    Is the report accurate? The man was trying to enter at a side entrance of The Bus. I've never seen anybody do that.

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    There might be a need for a law of a hundred dollar fine for tapping the bus from the outside as it's moving.

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    People who can't stop coughing on the Bus need to wear surgical masks or stay home.

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