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    Saw the movie Edge of Tomorrow at the Ward Theater on Tuesday night (6/17/14).

    The movie starts at 5 years after the landing of extra-terrestrials aliens in Europe who then take over all of Europe during that time. Tom Cruise plays a person named Cage who is a major in the United States military who specializes in public relations.

    On the eve of a big counter-strike against the aliens he is ordered to be embedded with an armed group going over. He refuses the order, is busted to a private and is forced to be a part of J squad headed by Bill Paxton that storms a beach in France on the next day.

    The counter-strike doesn't go well, their drop ship is hit before reaching the beach, most of J squad doesn't make it and those that do don't last long on the beach, the last two members who do make it is Cage and another member who had claymore mines strapped to his chest. An alien comes by kills the other member and before the alien kills Cage, Cage takes the claymore mines, sets it off killing the alien while the alien also kills Cage. Cage then blacks out and then he wakes up at the point before Bill Paxton takes him to J squad. This is his time loop reset point. Ever time Cage dies he goes back to that same reset point. After the 2nd loop he realize he is in a time loop and tries different things, sometimes he dies too early (as in still on the base the day before the counter-strike), other times he makes past the beach.

    Along the way he meets up with another person who used to experience the time looping effect from an earlier battle and they try different things.

    Of course this movie is a mix of military, science fiction, action, alien invasion, and time looping.

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    Default Re: Edge of Tomorrow

    I found this movie to be quite entertaining. Not perfect, it had some minor flaws.
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