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    Marisa Yamane (weekend anchor), the reason I don't watch KHON2 on weekends. Her "homey" spin on reporting the news is bothersome, such as her use of the word "really", as in "really bad". It sounds like a third grader's excitement creeps into her reporting. Bad enough she inserts her homeyness into her reports, but I can't take a full dose of her as a anchor.

    Which reporters do you like best? Which do you avoid? Do you change your viewing habits according to the anchor that works that day?
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    Two things make me cringe when news anchors do this:

    • Referring to the newscast as a show, for example later in the show we will hear as opposed to saying later in the newscast we will hear.
    • News anchors who use hand motions to sort of indicate that some thing is moving from point A to point B and most cases there is no such motion.

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    The thing I dislike the most about some local news and anchors is when they use the newscast to promote an entertainment show on the same channel. Is that really news?
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    My pet peeve is that most of the female newscasters wear so much eye makeup -- thick black false lashes and black liner. These women are so attractive... they don't need all that junk on their eyes.

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    Why does all the tv news have forced banter at the end of the newscast?

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