Saw the movie Guardians of the Galaxy this afternoon at the Ward Theater.

If you never have seen any of the movies from Marvel Studios in the last 7 years that should not be problem here, while there are a few ties to those past movies here it is not that noticeable as far as keeping track of the plot.

The pre-credits scene takes place on Earth in 1988 which shows a pre-teen Peter Quill experiencing the death of his mother due to cancer and then gets taken by extra-terrestrials. Twenty six years later in a different part of the galaxy Peter Quill is trying to get an orb for his boss (the same person who took him from Earth). However other parties (including his boss) also wants the same orb which is the driving theme of this movie.

The movie has a good mix of action, sci-fi, humor with a touch of disaster thrown in. One needs to pay attention in this movie, there are scenes where some of the characters are talking and another character is in the background doing something that was mention during the dialogue. As always stay to the end of the credits there is a scene at the very end.