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    Who thinks there will be no third trial?
    Just like in the Zimmerman debacle an armed misguided do gooder goes way beyond the call of duty and someone at the business end of the gun ends up dead, and the shooter get's away with it. The prosecution had a good case but has painted itself in a corner in the first trial and now will look silly if they try to go ahead with a third despite going against their own statements that lesser charges aren't viable.
    Deedy caused all this by leaving his hotel with his service gun, knowing he was going out drinking, an age old big time no no, but that angle has been basically ignored. Then we had two parties out looking for trouble in lil old Waikiki, one a 'bad' guy and the other a 'good' guy along with their friend/s, lo and behold each party found each other. Eldert's eventually caused his own death by pursuing Deedy after knowing he was armed, but Deedy should pay somehow for his guilt, plus it seems he lied under oath.
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