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    Anybody here tried the (exterior) remodeled Violet's at Kapalama Shopping Center? The area really look's nice now that they've completed the center's makeover. Maybe the new appearance and getting better renters will bring in more business.

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    This was one of my go to places as I try to patronize local owned establishments. However since and during the renovations not only have they raised their prices but their portions also got smaller. One of the few places where you can het a natto omelet.

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    That's a bummer, and adds confusion as to why she wasn't interested in the cash register chi-ching-ing more often by putting my friend's classic Hawaiian trio in there. That place would be rocking every time, go figa.

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    I totally get why all the regulars eat here. I just haven't cared much for anything I've ever ordered. I'll still drop in once in a while, but the last time I did, I sat in a booth for fifteen minutes and although the waitresses glanced over in my direction on occasion, nobody ever came by to hand me a menu or take my order. I'm not eager to try it again.
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    Thanks for the update. I'll have to check it out.

    Haven't been home in five years, but still can remember fondly their pig's feet soup & the black nori saimin.

    Miss mah 'hood.
    Born in Hawaii, too - Truss me


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