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    Quote Originally Posted by Expat Kamaaina View Post
    ...I think that this site has lost the interest of many, including myself, since many of the posts have become nonsensical and illogical. It is getting more and more difficult to find comments and expressions of opinions that are somewhat meaningful.

    Expat Kamaaina,

    I agree. Infact, I had made this same point clear to Admin many YEARS ago while Admin was allowing friends (way before they were designated as "moderators") to troll the threads and belittle any member who held a different opinion.

    Complaining to Admin would only yield admonition to the complainant.

    I even asked to copy and post Admins' response to my complaint in "Private Message" to the rest of the forum and was denied, probably because it was so blatantly bias that Admin KNEW it would have a negative effect.

    I have already sent admin P/M notice of this (just today), but I expect this only to result in my banishment from this site and my posts on this issue to be edited or deleted.

    If I had told you 4 years ago that every land-line ph. call , cell ph call, email you send, website you visit, and any post that you make online was being recorded and stored (by the US Government); you probably would have thought that I was a nut-case.

    ...and then Edward Snowden came along and courageously exposed it ALL

    So, you might want to ask yourself (considering that you read this before this post is deleted), Just WHO is it that keeps funding this website, because I've been a moderator on a similar site and it costs $1,000's per month in NL.

    ...and NOBODY is visiting this site.

    Go figure.


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