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Thread: Quality business cards?

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    Default Quality business cards?

    google isn't helping on this...
    I need to make up at least 50 cards that look really impressive without costing much, who's great and really (I don't want to say cheap, but... yeah, cheap) fair priced on Oahu?

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    If I was in an absolute time crunch I guess I'd use a straight-up Avery template and send it to FedEx/Kinkos. But almost everyone I know now prints via big-scale vendors on the mainland thanks to the price. A lot of people use Vistaprint, for example.

    I'm a sucker for Moo cards. They absolutely exude quality and stand out. Thick stock, glorious color. But, well, they're not cheap.

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    Thanx for that, I might go with AVERY if I can figue out proceedure and put a custom pic on it, do they support this?

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    Default Re: Quality business cards?

    That's all way too involved for my brain, I need an asprin!

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    Default Re: Quality business cards?

    I second Ryan's suggestion of VistaPrint. I haven't done business cards with them, but I did do something else. They're very easy to use, good customer service. And they're cheap. I see on their web page they have a special promo (500 business cards for $9.99).

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    Anything that requires a credit card is out, and I don't need 500 cheap (as in not impressive) examples. These are for promoting a trio of local musicians and I want prospectives to be wowed with the visual. I want a nice shot of the group included with maybe some embossing, and earth shaking pyrotechnics.


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