My friend and I saw the movie Tomorrowland at the Ward Theater on Sunday afternoon (5/31/15). We originally wanted to see San Andreas but the next showing was over a hour later while the next showing of Tomorrowland was going to be in the next 5 minutes. We got to the theater about 30 seconds before the previews started.

Tomorrowland is about a city in another reality that seems to have more advanced technology but somehow tends to recruit people from our reality to help design and build stuff. One such person was a 10 year kid from 1964 who spend at least 20 years there and then gets banished back to our reality. Cut to the present this person is played by George Clooney.

There is a young female character who stumbles upon Tomorrowland and the first part of the movie is her trying to figure things out since various characters are trying to help her and other characters that are trying to prevent her from reaching Tomorrowland.