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Thread: Is a Garbage Disposal Worth It?

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    Default Is a Garbage Disposal Worth It?

    Is a garbage disposal worth it when there's a sink strainer to stop the food scraps from going down the drain?

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    Default Re: Is a Garbage Disposal Worth It?

    If you have a way to use compost where you are (e.g., a compost bin that you can use to fertilize a garden, or the city collects it in "yard waste"), putting the food scraps you've trapped in there is better than down the drain.

    With most garbage disposals, most food scraps will still cause them to clog eventually; realistically, most can't handle anything thicker than oatmeal! And if you live in an apartment/condo complex, a gummed-up g.d. can cause problems in the entire plumbing stack to which you are connected.

    Plus, there are many things that should NEVER go down a g.d. - such as fruit peels, eggshells, grease/oils.

    Overall, trapping & tossing food scraps is better than using a g.d.

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    Default Re: Is a Garbage Disposal Worth It?

    Agreed. Composting serves life. A g.d pollutes.
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    Let me start off by saying that I scrape all my dishes into the rubbish, and wipe out all greasy pans with an already-used paper towel or other piece of paper, prior to even rinsing in my sink. Nothing much goes into my garbage disposal.

    BUT, I do consider my garbage disposal a worthwhile appliance. I'd rather send totally "blended" food into my pipes than bits of pieces of things that spilled over from a drain strainer. Necessary? No. Convenient? Yes.
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