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Thread: Free pizza from Costco

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    Default Free pizza from Costco

    Happened today at the town Costco.
    I was waiting for my pizza at the pick-up window.
    Costco guy yells out from the window for numbers.
    People start calling out numbers.
    He puts two pizzas on the counter and turns away.
    A guy pushes through, grabs the pizzas, and walks away.
    He just stole them.
    Another time I was there a guy grabbed two pizzas that were on the counter, and jumped into a waiting truck.
    He stole pizzas.
    The lady who's pizza's they were had just turned to put two pizzas in her cart. She turned back and they were gone.
    I've seen this happen many times. Tell the staff, but they don't even move to chase the guy.
    I guess they don't care.
    What's wrong with people these days????

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    Default Re: Free pizza from Costco

    Are you asking what's wrong with the Costco response, or what's wrong with the people running off with pizza?

    ps: Thanks a lot. Now all I can think about is pizza!
    But I'm disturbed! I'm depressed! I'm inadequate! I GOT IT ALL! (George Costanza)


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