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Thread: Aloha from Seattle!

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    Default Aloha from Seattle!

    I've been lurking on these boards for a little while now, and finally decided to join in the fun here. I usually can be found on the boards (hi Mokihana, Izzie and da rest of you from da Lanai! )

    I'm hoping this board will keep me in touch with what's going on locally; I left Maui in 1967 and now go back for visits twice a year but that's not the same as having to suffer in 80+ degree weather and humidity every day! LOL

    On "da Lanai" I can practice my pidgin. Like many of you, proper English was something you had to speak in order "to get ahead" but since I've been up here for so long, speaking pidgin is a gas! It's like speaking another foreign language. Along the way, I've also been picking up more Hawaiian and definitely more of an appreciation for what's there in the 'aina.

    A hui hou,
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    Default Re: Aloha from Seattle!

    Aloha and welcome to the boards. When I read what those guys over at Ohanalanai write, I "choke laugh" alla time. They make me feel like I'm still back home.

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    Default Re: Aloha from Seattle!

    Howzit, tell me more about Geez, you've been up in Seattle a long time. I was there from 73-78 going to Univ. of Washington. Things sure have changed since then.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Quark
    Howzit, tell me more about Geez, you've been up in Seattle a long time. I was there from 73-78 going to Univ. of Washington. Things sure have changed since then.

    Hui Burt:
    OhanaLanai is part of AlohaWorld, which has many ex-pats who miss being home in the 'aina as its members. There are also many locals who also visit the forums.

    We're just a little bit different from Hawaiithreads in that we usually use the boards for "good fun" talk (mostly about grinds, what else???) and to practice our pidgin.

    It's our way of keeping in touch with others who feel the same way about Hawaii. Been there, lived that, wanna be back (but no can right now). We also share information about Hawaii-related things going on up's pretty amazing how many hula festivals, halaus, luaus, etc actually do take place up here!

    Go lurk on da boards for awhile and you'll get a flavor for what I'm talking about. We rarely get into beefs on that forum because frankly, we rarely talk about politics, except sometimes when it's about something going on in Hawaii (yes, many of us do peruse the web versions of the Advertiser and Star Bulletin everday!)

    Right now, things are pretty quiet over there. I think it's because everyone is gearing up for the AlohaWorld reunion that's being held in LasVegas the same weekend as LV has its Hawaii Festival. Once everybody comes back from holo, the boards will start heating up again.

    E komo mai to da Ohana Lanai! We welcome people living in the islands who want to know what's happening up here and to make connections (if they are considering moving up here). Nothing like having an extended ohana to kokua!

    I'm off to Maui in a few minutes, so won't be here or on the Lanai for awhile, but if you start posting on da odda forum, garans you going get one biiiig aloha!


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    Default Aloha from Blue Ridge Telecom

    One of my good friends live in Seattle.

    Blueridge Telecom
    Blue Ridge Telecom
    Blueridge Telecom


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