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    Since the mid summer of 2015 Berkeley Breathed has been generating a new comic strip series called Bloom County 2015. It is not available via traditional comic strip pages in newspapers but rather on Facebook or Go Comics.

    The premise of the series from the first strip is that Opus wakes up after sleeping 25 years in the meadow. Thing is while Opus is behind the times (he thinks Twitter is a chat room for birds), everyone else in the strip hasn't aged and for the most part the characters are the same in the original Bloom County strip. So far the only change is to Cutter John, in terms of which war he was a veteran of (not Vietnam) and his wheel chair is Star Wars themed instead of Star Trek themed.

    Current storyline is now the Meadow Party having Opus running for President of the United States with Bill the Cat as the Vice President.

    Facebook URL -

    Go Comics URL -
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    The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, and Hipshot (Rick O'Shay) need a revival too

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