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    Webb, O'Malley, Chafee, Sanders, Clinton.
    The first three should have had a pre debate kiddie table and left the center ring to the stars, they would have shined individually and made the debate a huger win win. Otherwise Hillary kicked ass and Bernie was right with her toe to toe, they both made huge inroads towards gaining public respect, reconsideration, and new interest. While Sanders made $2 mil that nite and the twittersphere / google went nuts for him, Clinton looked confident, smart, strong, humourous, and cordial as she often parried the issues. The whole affair was a dignified showcase of serious options for the race to the White House and has the opposition rightfully stunned. The never right spin was hilarious as they choked to keep from saying real positives for HC. The next D debates will hammer home the differences between the parties exponentially, and the few remaining will be well enuf to devastate the GOP.
    Along with the electoral map virtually cinching it for the left, and gas going even cheaper, plus the rocking economy and stock market, I'd say it's friggin PARTY TIME again for America! Maybe we as a country can ultimately go out with a bang.

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    The guy with the New Yawk accent won.

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    Sanders won in his own way, but Hillary had both even more to lose and even more to win, she aced it and looked good doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
    Sanders won in his own way, but Hillary had both even more to lose and even more to win, she aced it and looked good doing it.
    I don’t think Hillary won, but I agree that based on what she had to lose, she did better than expected. As far as your conclusions regarding the remaining candidates, I disagree that O’Malley did not belong in the final conversation. If anyone came out of this debate with a mountain more than they had before, it was Martin. The guy went from a “whodat?” to a contender based on his polished performance and a demonstrated understanding/ articulation of the issues. One thing is for sure, he did a better job of exposing Clinton’s faults than Bernie — who did Hillary a favor by pooh-poohing the email controversy. It is sad that two politicos with either policy chops (Chafee) or emotional campaign storyline (Webb) came out flat.

    We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.

    — U.S. President Bill Clinton
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    Martin who? Emails, what emails?
    In review, Hillary not only won big but set herself up for this week's kangaroo Congressional court sessions like a champ. She came off the debates and into the Halls like the king of the world and those slutzy cons again were so sure they had her this time that they didn't bother boning up on anything other than how to ridicule her, and it all blew up in their slimy faces. She quickly went from questionable to Presidential, all on the dime of these unAmeribums who just greased the rails for Clinton. Instead of the big house she's probably going to the White House on account of unbridled con hubris during 11 hrs. of insulting questioning, and the awesome job she in turn did on them. Bernie has a year to make it a real contest, but Hillary is golden right now.
    With the Dem field down to 3 O'Malley is running for VP, and could be a fine choice if he steps it up in the next debates.
    With the never right collapsing this is getting really fun already. What an awesome week!

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    Bernie had a pretty good nite while Clinton faltered at times (foreign affairs) and dodged a lot of questions, and O'Malley failed to stand out.
    Not a winner of a debate but maintaining the lead when compared to the con debacle.

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    Bernie has the problem that the issues he is campaigning on are not presidential affairs. He wants to change the tax code to redistribute wealth, but the President doesn't get to decide the tax code. He wants to repeal the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, but that's not something the President can do. He wants to break up the powerful private concerns that control Wall Street, but that is up to Congress. These are just not relevant issues for a presidential campaign.

    Hillary has the problem that she has been among the elite who have directed a foreign policy which has not worked out very well, recently. Arguably, there has been a Vision problem -- no good idea of how policies will work out in the long term. But look at the bright side: we've avoided another full-scale war, despite continual Republican efforts to draw us into one.

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    Bernie is still introducing himself to the mass public and needs to get his message of serious change out there first, then he can take on the more mundane issues of higher importance, and his points you mentioned are relevant to many. What he can't change on his own will still be vigorously pursued, we might even see a shift in control of Congress, and let's remember that W signed a forgotten law that allows the President to do ANYTHING he wants. We got months to go before he's done laying out his platform.

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    at least he didn't get 'schlonged'.

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    O'Malley couldn't get 10 seconds from the moderator to talk at one point and it's a shame a good candidate get's 1/3 the time of the other two, but Hillary floundered a bit after pistol whipping Sanders at the start over guns and lost the debate merely by not winning as Sanders held his ground throughout. Nothing to overtly cheer about but no negatives either, except for O'Malley.

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    I'm rooting for Bernie Sanders so that Larry David would appear on SNL more.

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    the 1 on 1 got feisty but ended as lovers, what a classy display of unity

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    Clinton morphs into Bernie

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    Bernie will have nothing else, drawn right leanig Hillazilla to the center


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