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Thread: UH vs San Jose St. '15

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    San Jose St. 4-6 has something beyond pride to play for, so will be formidable...

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    The only positive out of this is the 2nd half change in team spirit and effort due to Coach Naeole gathering the team together nearing halftime and just exploding on them for playing like shit and smashing his headset in exasperation and emphasis. The locker room talk must have been heated as well, and the team came out and actually played. I want Jones as new Coach but I'd be just as happy with Chris retaining the spot, he's going to be a great head somewhere.
    And all these non fans ragging on him can stuff it.

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    Why don't UH get out of the Mountain West? They're paying Mountain West team's traveling expense to Hawaii and getting easy wins. If they want easy road wins, go pay your own traveling expenses.

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    Because that will be the end of the big money the school needs to keep football viable.
    The team simply needs to be a major contender again, and Jones is the only one that can do it before the whole thing implodes.


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