Saw the movie Minions way back in the Summer of 2015 (according to post I made on Google+ it was on 07/29/15) at the Ward Theater.

First of I never saw any of the Despicable Me movies, which is okay since this movie is prequel to those movies.

It does the tell the story that the Minions evolved naturally on this world rather than they were created in a laboratory.

All I can say about the Minions is that they are not evil, they do however thrive on chaos, which evil masters tend to do from time to time. However with the Minions involved your evil chaotic plan will not work to the letter. You still have chaos in the end, but not the chaos you had in mind.

Of course the Minions' chaos would also have a humorous effect to it. So if you like comedy then this movie should fit the bill.