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Thread: Traffic Info: Where?

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    Default Traffic Info: Where?

    Apologies if this is in the wrong area but here goes:

    This afternoon, I was driving along Lanihuli Drive heading towards Punahou Street. I intended to make a left turn and drive along Punahou Street to Beretania. Well, as luck would have it, there was an accident and a fire truck was there, some cops, and an ambulance. Traffic going down Punahou was blocked and we were redirected. I eventually went down University and then along Beretania.

    Later, I could see that traffic going up (mauka) Punahou was totally backed up, both lanes, all the way to King Street and no one was moving.

    In short, a really awful traffic situation.

    So my question is this: are you guys aware of any website or way that traffic related info is posted online in real time?

    The event above happened around 3:30 pm; it's now around 10 pm. I checked the StarAdvertiser site and there's no info at all about what happened and they certainly did not post any info shortly after the accident.

    I even tried Twitter but there was nothing. Granted, I'm not a savvy Twitter user so maybe it's there but I didn't see anything.

    Bottom line, I'm surprised there isn't some app or site that has realtime info that would be useful for drivers in town or even on the island in general.

    It seems like a no-brainer and it feels like I'm in the dark ages. With apps like Twitter, I would think posting this kind of info would be so easy to do and so many people would benefit from it.

    Anyway, just wondering.

    Thanks for any suggestions you might have.
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    Default Re: Traffic Info: Where?

    Shave ice, you PM'd me about a request I made, but you are set not to receive PMs in return (so it tells me).
    Anyway, here's my email:
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    Default Re: Traffic Info: Where?

    You want Waze, an app with real-time crowdsourced traffic information that was so good, Google bought it and is now incorporating more and more of its information into its official Google Maps app:

    I leave Waze running almost any time I get in the car. If you take the time to put in a destination, it's especially helpful, but even just following you as it drives it provides good information. Traffic information, police spotting, cars stopped on the shoulder, objects on the road, all kinds of data (sometimes too much, in fact).

    Using it for navigation, it sometimes suggests side roads, and I've found those 'off the beaten path' routes a mixed bag. But a couple of times it noticed a big accident on H-2 between Waipio and Mililani and directed me off at Ka Uka to take Kam Highway. The first time I ignored it and ended up stuck for half an hour. The second time I listened and cruised home, only to see angry tweets on Twitter from people stuck on the freeway.

    Give it a try!

    P.S. If you want to filter Twitter for traffic-related posts, search for the hashtag #hitraffic -- also a mixed bag, but better than nothing!
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    Default Re: Traffic Info: Where?

    I like the #hitraffic hashtag because @hpdtraffic keeps an eye on (and uses) it. When I have to be somewhere important at a certain time, I always check it before I head out the door. If you're using a decent Twitter app (I use Tweetdeck on my desktop; Tweetbot on my smartphone), you can keep a column just for #hitraffic, and get your info as it comes through.

    You might also sign up for text messages from the Honolulu Department of Emergency Management ( or text your zip code to 888777). I once had dinner plans for Waialae Avenue but got a text message a few hours early, telling me the Christmas parade was that night. Plans changed! Most of what I get from DEM is useless to me (high surf warnings, prisoners escaping from work facilities or not reporting back after furloughs), but it's pretty good with road closures (and reopenings).
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