I have to admit that I am not a die hard Doctor Who fan but I am not totally ignorant or put off by this science fiction series. Of course I don't subscribe to the package that includes the BBCA which is the channel that currently airs Doctor Who on Oceanic Cable.

On Tuesday (12/27/16) while looking at the fandango web site I came across a listing for a Doctor Who presentation at the Dole theater called Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio. I contacted my movie going friend who is a Doctor Who fan and invited her to the presentation which she said okay even through she told me she saw it during on BBCA, it was the Christmas 2016 special.

While we got there 1/2 hour before the presentation started and got our seats I then asked my friend if she wanted something from the concession stand, normally she doesn't get anything but in this case she wanted something to eat (as well as I) and off I went to get the food. The lines were super long and at the same time Dole scheduled Rogue One at another big theater at the same starting time as our presentation.

By the time I got the food and return to the theater I had missed the first 13 minutes of the movie. What I saw was this:

  1. Two men in a room discussing about brains in jars.
  2. Woman sneaking around outside the room listening in to the two men.
  3. Woman bumps into an older man who is munching on sushi.
  4. One of the men admits to the other that he has been converted and the second man will have the same fate as he.
  5. First man locks the second man in the room while three other men appear in the room and doing something bad to him.
  6. Woman and the older man sneak off to another section of the building, the TARDIS is on the floor. Clearly the older man is Doctor Who but the woman admits she is a reporter (and not the companion).
  7. Another man appears to the woman and the Doctor and the three of them discuss a company with locations in capital cities around the world except for one place.
  8. The three of them are confronted by the first man who is holding a gun at them.
  9. While the first man wants to call security he wants no one alive, he says he will shoot them as intruders.
  10. The Doctor counters by saying "go on tell them you shot us in the back in self defense" and he and the other two people turned their back on the first man.
  11. First man tells them to "face me now" and there is a knock behind the first man.
  12. The knocking continues and the first man asks what is that sound.
  13. The three people says its not them.
  14. The Doctor says it sounds like someone is knocking on a window.
  15. The woman says it can't be they are on the 100th floor of the building.
  16. Everyone turns around to the window and the music starts to have familiar grandiose theme to it.
  17. Man dressed in black (with cape) hovering outside, shatters the window and then enters the building.
  18. Some dialogue that one would read in a comic book is spoken by the man in black with the first man shooting his gun at the man in black. The bullets have no effect on him.

At this point I am going to stop my late introduction to this episode, suffice to say it contains a low key alien invasion, some skipping around different locations on Earth, witty dialogue by the Doctor and adding in good portion of the superhero genre.

Dole is playing this episode again on Thursday night (12/29/16) or you can purchase it thru iTunes (which I did when I got home on Tuesday night).