Do you eat your share of canned Spam in Hawaii? Does you mouth water at the thought of Spam musubi, fried Spam and mayo sandwiches, fried rice with Spam?

For me, I cannot stand the stuff. I can honestly say I have NEVER even bought a can of that stuff. Canned corned beef .... yes. Vienna sausages, yes. Spam... NO never. It it far removed from foods that will even make it as far as my shopping cart (translate that to mean, none in my family can ever expect me to cook it!).

Although, since, according to TheGardenIsland online news, "five million pounds or seven million cans (six per person) every year" are consumed in Hawaii, someone is getting to feast on my share. Is it you?

By the way, Guam loves Spam even more than Hawaii, they average 16 cans per person a year!