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Thread: "Malenia Trump Like You've Never Seen Her Before"

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    Courtesy of the New York Post, ooh la la, potential First Lady!

    What are your thoughts about the appropriateness of a First Lady having posted for nude pics? Does it matter? Could it affect the effectiveness of a Trump presidency?

    Ummmmmmm, regardless of the politics, it was a visual treat for the artists amongst us to have the NY Post put the pics online.

    or or with you?
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    Trump is an exponentially massive fecal covered ass, but it's those who will vote for him who are the real problem. Absolutely NOTHING matters as long as they win and puke this country up even more than Bush / Cheney and Co. have.
    New words would have to be invented to accurately describe the toxic insanity of today's republicans like Paul Ryan and your garden variety Trumplodyte, they either don't care about anything regarding the carny / conman and his clan in their blind misplaced rage and fervor against Clinton or they suddenly think Malaria is a welcome goddess, while of course denigrating Michelle Obama and the kids in the nastiest ways possible for 8 years now. They should somehow be forced to live with the disastrous mess their king W left the country in as the rest of us move on. Then there's the religious right who have outright sold their black hole souls to the devil's dog for the chance to drop to their knees in front of the bloviating meat clown. Not a peep from them other than to support their newly found jackass.
    Trump yanked his wife's full of baloney web site down as soon as she was repeatedly exposed as another blatant liar. How could she even allow such stupidity to be on the web in the first place unless they all are in on the national scam and think this whole campaign is a slam dunk no matter what they do?
    But it's our horrific mass media who are once again to blame for promoting our worst problems, this time it's Trump, they've paved the road in gold for him to immensely jeopardize what's left of this country as he constantly get's a free pass, just like they did with Bush after 9-11. And now they fall silent as Trump lays the groundwork for weaseling out of the upcoming debates because he knows he's far out of his league in just basic responses to serious questions, but he is ultimately deathly afraid of facing off with Hillary, he knows she will kill him.
    The issues of just the porny wife alone are more than enuf to disqualify this idiot.
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    the latest proof to my point on these zealot pigs

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    Wow, the corrupt special interests and banksters will do anything to keep a populist president from office. Go send more US jobs overseas and kiss more Iranian butt Hillary-Obama, you only have a few more months to do that.

    Hillary Clinton is a weak, bigoted, race baiting, incompetent, lazy, morally bankrupt, compulsive lying, corrupt disgrace.

    I'm voting for Trump 100%. Let's put America back to work and take back our national pride.

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    your infinitely shameless ignorance and iresponsilbility is glaring

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Whitfield View Post
    your infinitely shameless ignorance and iresponsilbility is glaring
    I agree. It’s a sad comment on the state of the country that that clown (Trump) has been nominated to any elected office let alone the presidency.
    "Reason is not automatic. Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it. Do not count on them. Leave them alone."
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