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Thread: Any computer parts stores left on Oahu?

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    Default Any computer parts stores left on Oahu?

    I'm trying to get a network interface card with Ethernet plug, and Best Buy no longer sells circuit boards, they tell me. Neither does Office Depot/Max, which is less of a surprise.

    Are there any stores left here which do sell parts?

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    Default Re: Any computer parts stores left on Oahu?

    This two-year-old Reddit thread seems to indicate that the answer is no. I did a Yelp search hoping to find the name of that place that used to be in City Square (which doesn't seem to have a website anymore, and whose FB page doesn't have a directory of shops and services) because it was still there the last time I looked (maybe a year ago?), but no luck.

    You might do a scan of that Yelp search, though. Otherwise, it looks like Amazon's your best bet. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Any computer parts stores left on Oahu?

    I remember a place called Alliance Computing that in 2011 was in City Square (assuming City Square is on Dillingham Blvd, where Chuck E Cheeses is).

    If so then Alliance Computing is now on 1101 North King Street.

    Another shot in the dark place to try is Industrial Electronics on 1353 Mookaula Street. I don't know if they sell network cards for a PC but they do sell stuff that you need to deal with Ethernet networking (pre-made cables, hubs, switches, patch panels, tools, raw cables, test equipment).

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    Default Re: Any computer parts stores left on Oahu?

    It surely seems ridiculous that we have to order online, but I went ahead and did so. I bought a $10 card from Best Buy for pickup next Thursday or Friday.

    What the heck do the computer repair guys do for parts? Pre-order inventory?

    Thanks for the help, people.


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