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    I was always leery of Genki Sushi. Their logo always reminded me of Mr. Yuc.
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    It will be interesting to see if Genki's can recover from the Hep A outbreak that the DOH is saying originated at their establishment from tainted frozen raw scallops. You may recall that Tamashiro's commented that their closure after an employee was diagnosed with Hep A has negatively affected them since reopening ("The fish market reopened on Wednesday and customers are trickling back in"). In Tamashiro's case, they were not even pin pointed as a source of infection for others. Meanwhile, Genki Sushi HAS been identified as such, so will the fallout for them be even worse than for the fish market?

    By the way, who would eat raw scallops anyway? [Insert the expression of the Genki logo here.]
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    I tend to eat at the Ala Moana location of Genki Sushi, during the dinner hours there is usually a line waiting to get in and eat, even after their re-opening.

    For myself I tend to eat the cheap plates and even then I wouldn't know what menu options contain scallops.

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