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    Hawaii24/7: "Eight Big Island police officers were honored this week by Mothers Against Drunk Driving-Hawaiʻi, in cooperation with Big Island Toyota, for their efforts and dedication this year to the fight against drunk and drugged driving."

    Do you someone who was arrested for DUI? Did being arrested convince them to stop driving while drunk? I do know someone that being arrested was a real "reality check" for them! Of course, I know that many people are repeat offenders, they did not learn a lesson from their arrest.

    Hawaii's laws accommodate a sentence of requiring an ignition interlock device for offenders. "One year for first offense; 18 months for second; two years for third." Maybe the system should be required even longer. I'm not concerned with the finances for them (monitoring is about the cost of a monthly cel phone bill), I'm more concerned with keeping the roads safe.
    Now run along and play, but donít get into trouble.

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    Maui News:
    Six Maui County police officers were honored for their efforts to stop impaired driving at an annual awards ceremony.
    Now run along and play, but donít get into trouble.

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    She said, "Don't you know who I am?" Her majesty has spoken.

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    The slurred speech and attempt at humor is when the bartender will stop serving you.


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