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Thread: Ever drank 'swipe'?

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    Red face Ever drank 'swipe'?

    What is the alcoholic drink ‘swipe’ or ‘swipes’?

    "We did have ‘raising jack,’ or what we guys from Honolulu called ‘swipe,’ which was a Hawaiian word for bootleg liquor… We made our ‘swipe’ by stealing a five-gallon tin of canned peaches or plums or pineapple from the nearest ration dump, and putting a double handfull of sugar in it to help it ferment, and then leaving it out in the sun in the jungle with a piece of cheesecloth or mosquito netting over it to keep out the bugs."

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    Nope, I never was so broke that I couldn't at least spring for some Bali Hai or Ripple with sprite.
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