I saw the movie Passengers at the Ward Theater this past Wednesday night (1/11/17).

The movie is about a starship carrying 5,000 passengers and over 300 crew members to another star system that will take 120 years to complete. Everyone on board are in hibernation pods, 30 years into the journey the starship collides with some asteroids that its self repairing system can not repair the damage.

For whatever reason it wakes one of the passengers played by Chris Pratt who happens to have the skills needed to repair the damage but since he is not a crew member he doesn't have access to the ship to either repair the damage or wake up a crew member (their pods are off-limits to the passengers).

The movie has some plot holes in it. If you are the type of person who likes to rip apart sci-fi movies this might be one to watch.

While this movie won't win any kind of awards it is not a stinker either.