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    that anything other than being considered by local officials or community leaders towards complete protection of this uniquely immense treasure is absolutely unacceptable, and that they are so insanely gung ho to destroy her is beyond a crime to history, Hawaii, and all humanity.
    fortunately, there is awareness of her astonishing value that there is still hope of freeing her from the clutches of blatant stupidity, but it means Hawaii loses this incredible gem and risks the high seas in transport. at least she can go home to where there's full appreciation for such an awesome vessel.

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    The Friends of the Falls of Clyde website has a photo of the ship. I'm thinking it is a more recent photo than the one on the link above (TheHearld). The ship is a skeleton, I don't know how they would restore it at this point.

    From a 2008 Honolulu Magazine article:
    His 195-page report was alarming—the Falls of Clyde would cost $24- to $32-million to restore, then $1 million a year for upkeep. In March of this year, the museum alerted its supporters with a letter. “The entire annual budget for Bishop Museum … is $16 million,” wrote museum president and CEO Timothy Johns. “We wish we could move forward with a complete restoration … but [we] do not have the finances or staff resources to undertake a fundraising campaign of this magnitude.”
    When Bishop Museum decided to scuttle the ship in 2008, it dismantled many parts, leaving the next caretakers to seek the items out. From the Honolulu Advertiser:
    The group seeking to restore the Falls of Clyde is asking for the return of dozens of artifacts that were taken from the historic vessel in anticipation of it being scuttled some 15 miles off Honolulu.
    Bruce McEwan, president of the Friends of the Falls of Clyde, which owns the ship and is working to preserve it, said some of the artifacts were shipped to California, Seattle and Boston while others were kept locally. The artifacts range from skylights to portholes.
    It is so far gone now, and so much of the ship is missing, I don't see how it could be restored. But kudos to those who are now wanting to try, and to those who are willing to put their private funds towards it. As for Bishop Museum letting it get to the point of disrepair that it did, shame on them.
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    Save Falls of Clyde International has secured a contract to begin the repatriation of Falls Of Clyde to Scotland on February 3, 2019.

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    asshole Ige is determined to destroy the ship, contact his office and tell them to lash his ass to the mast

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    how she's still afloat IDK after every Official's desperation to sink her, their hate lust seems to thwart every effort.
    sadly, those trying from the UK are equally stymied in rescue. Bob Krauss with a baseball bat where are you?

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    Confirming that Save Falls of Clyde - International have now submitted our bid in the RFP process, set up recently by DOT Harbours Dept of Honolulu, for the removal of the Falls of Clyde. During this process we have engaged with local suppliers in Hawaii for goods and services to assist in the move and we have advised their legal team, that if our bid is successful, that we will comply with all local legal, tax, labor requirements, this also includes the USCG, NPS the EPA and the local Hawaii State Historic dept needs.
    We are hopeful that we have done enough to meet their concerns by offering the most environmentally and technically competent proposal to safeguard the harbour interests and that of the ship herself
    Now we have to wait until they management at the DOT decide, what is best for the peoples of Hawaii.

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    the only derelict here are those refusing their civic and moral duties to save this important vessel
    State received 2 proposals in bid for removal of the Falls of Clyde from Honolulu Harbor


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