Upon an unrelated discussion with a reader on my food blog blog recently, they brought up an early 80's radio station guessing game called "Sterling Silva, Private Defective". She didn't describe the details of the game, only that it was on a rock station, and was the precursor to "Uncle Tom's Treasure Hunt". I'm guessing it was KPOI with "Uncle" Tom Moffatt.

With that, I thought it would be fun to list all the listener games Hawaii radio deejays have promoted in the past and present.

Here's my submission:

“Men are Slime” – 93.9FM by Rory Wild, early 90s era: listeners (mostly women) would call in telling their worst stories about men treating them badly (mostly cheating or being lazy kinda’ stuff). The one who had the worst story usually won stuff like movie tickets. For two. lol