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Thread: Hep A in imported raw tuna

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    Default Hep A in imported raw tuna

    Recently there was a Hep A outbreak at Genki Sushi from raw imported seafood. Now there is a different Hep A scare from "Imported frozen raw tuna or ahi cubes", sold at some restaurants and markets. [list]

    Eating imported raw seafood seems to bring exposure to nasty contaminants. It's a sad reality.

    Meanwhile, still in the news is that raw veggies grown in Hawaii can be a problem too, if not washed properly (see the Rat LungWorm thread).

    That sort of gives indication that its best to stick to fully cooked foods when eating out. For home prepped food of which the ingredients are bought at stores, the buyer can see where the product is from (avoiding foreign raw seafood unless it is to be fully cooked), and the buyer can fully wash produce at home before consumption.

    Anyone taking new precautions that they didn't used to?
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