Saw the movie Colossal at the Dole Cannery Theater on Monday (5/22/17) night. It was shown in one their small theaters and it was attend by me and another person who came in about 5 minutes before the trailers started.

There was also a short clip after the trailers and before the movie that dealt with people using smartphones in humorous way. I had the feeling this was done by the same production company as the main movie.

As far Colossal goes it is about two people, Gloria and Oscar who went to elementary school 25 years prior to the events of this movie (which is shown in flashbacks) that they shared an event back then that somehow allows them at a certain time of day in a certain place in their home town that makes them manifest huge monsters that show up Seoul, South Korea for a short period of time.

For Gloria her monster is bipedal lizard creature, while Oscar is a robot.

The movie is a mixed bag of genres.