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    While updating movie threads with the tag of mcu, which stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe, I realize that there was no thread for the Doctor Strange movie that came out in November of 2016.

    I did see that movie back then with my usual movie going friend who is not a Marvel comics reader but her reason for going is because she is a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the title role of Dr. Stephen Strange, also she wanted to see the 3-D version, but we ended up seeing the 2-D version first with the possibility of seeing the 3-D version later on but in the end we didn't due to lack of opportunity on our parts.

    So far I have only seen this movie once and I haven't picked up the DVD yet but I do plan on seeing this movie again, I just don't know when yet.
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    Watched it for the 2nd time last night, REALLY enjoyed it, even more so than the 1st time. Great addition to the Marvel Universe, and they are doing a great job of keeping things linked up.

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