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Thread: Not all great ideas always work out.

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    Unhappy Not all great ideas always work out.

    I enjoyed being a member here since I first discovered it. It had the potential to be a Hawai`i-based Facebook.
    I thank Ryan, Helen, and Mel for giving us a great experience.

    Looks like the ride is over.
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    I haven't posted or commented here in a long time but it's still on my RSS feed. If this place is shutting down, then thank you to the mods/hosts for providing it for so long and thank you to the interesting contributors.

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    Default Re: Not all great ideas always work out.

    News to me about this place shutting down.

    The prime years for Hawaii Threads seem to be 2004 (its founding year) to about 2008 or 9 when Facebook and other social media took off.

    I would think also that smart devices such as the iPhone have greatly contributed to the demise of web bulletin boards. There is no app I know of that replicates this board's interface for a mobile device.
    I'm still here. Are you?


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