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Thread: Happy thanksgiving 2017

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    Default Happy thanksgiving 2017

    For those of you who check in on Thanksgiving, here's wishing you a good one in 2017. I am joining family, some of whom plan on enjoying our noon-time meal so they can attack the Black Friday sales that start on .... Thursday. The meal should be delicious thanks to the many people who will be bringing goodies. While noon is a bit early for me, I'll look at it as an opportunity to have a nice 6 pm snack later on.

    I did a but of pre-black-friday online research, checking out the ads for Walmart, Kmart and Macys. I was considering doing online shopping with them. As it turned out, I found what I wanted with Amazon (Prime), and bought myself a gift as well as book as a gift.

    What are your plans? The last time I did actual Black Friday "in store" shopping was over 5 years ago, when we did a family-tag-team approach to getting a good price on a TV. But the days of me fighting the crowds definitely are over!!

    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving for anyone who checks in here.
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    Happy Thanksgiving! This year is a lunch for us because it's easier for the elderly members of the family but no Black Friday shopping for me afterwards. I hate the crowds.

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    Lightbulb Quiet Thanksgiving 2017

    I’m curious whether “Black Friday” retail sales will go the way of land-line telephones. The majority of people I talk to say they refuse to stand in line when they can get a comparable deal “online.”

    Retail stores have truly become a place where you just go to look and “test things out.” Besides that, if it’s an item that deserves that much scrutiny, no store in their right mind would choose that item as a “Black Friday” doorbuster. It would just bog things down and create a human traffic jam.

    This is in addition to the fact that Black Friday started as an early open time for retailers. Then it became the crack of midnight. And finally, the sale began encroaching on Thanksgiving Day itself. Backlash from both customers and CEOs spurred a “consumption economy” debate.

    All this means that we may FINALLY as an American society be close to celebrating Thanksgiving in peace. Meanwhile the “Black Friday” phenomenom is being usurped by, ebay, Apple and other internet sites — where relevant sales begin nearly a WEEK before Turkey Day.

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    Default Re: Happy thanksgiving 2017

    Happy Thanksgiving to the few who are here. Hope yours was great.

    And yes, no Black Friday for me.

    Stay home. Easier.

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