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    Do you think this timeline is possible? From ABC News:

    General Motors Co. expects to carry passengers and deliver goods with self-driving vehicles in big cities sometime in 2019, telling investors it's moving quickly and plans to be ahead of other automakers and tech companies. expects "commercial launch at scale" of the autonomous vehicles within the next year or so. The vehicles would not have a human backup driver, the company said.
    When I think of the many problems faced by car manufacturers (exploding air bags, ignition problems, etc), I just don't see how they can expect to have a driver-less car on the road within a couple of years that is reliable in safety.

    To me, this is a timeline full of !
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    Default Re: Self-driving vehicles

    I don't think I'll be trusting a driverless car to drive me between Hana and Kahului. Can't imagine one on the Hana Highway....

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    I donít think the laws are ready for that yet (who pays if the driverless car causes a crash). I think the car would be OK on the Hana Highway but not so much on the H1.
    Iím looking for a dash cam, with pedestrians that walk out in traffic without looking, red light runners and now driverless cars. I want video of the accident when it happens.
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