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Thread: Big money.... worth it?

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    Default Big money.... worth it?

    Ever wonder how our local kids do on $pay$ when they grow up and make it into professional sports? I came across a list from Hawaii Business, for the highest paid players who were born in Hawaii, or grew up here, or attended school here. I'll not post the salaries/bonuses, but will note that the highest on the list is at $8 million for 2016.

    So, as it turns out, a sports scholarship for college can help with tuition, and some sports-stars from Hawaii even go on to high paid professional sports positions. That's terrific!

    Although, the trade off for ALL professional sportsmen (especially football) is needing to consider if earning your living by banging your head is worth the trade-off of potential brain injury. WashingtonPost:
    .."more than 40 percent of retired National Football League players … had signs of traumatic brain injury based on sensitive MRI scans called diffusion tensor imaging".
    In other words, choose what sports you play wisely?
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    It's an interesting job choice in which injuries are so prevalent yet accepted as all in a days work. $$$$.

    SA reports: Today Hawaii's own Marcus Mariota broke his right leg, after last year's sprained knee. The article gave a listing of some other injuries on teams this year:
    hurt left shoulder
    injured ankle
    injured hamstring
    broken bone in left shoulder
    injured neck
    leg injury
    injured chest
    injured elbow
    hurt shoulder
    Now run along and play, but donít get into trouble.


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