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Thread: Merry Christmas 2017

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    Default Merry Christmas 2017


    I'm extending my holiday greeting to anyone and everyone who checks in here on Christmas.
    Now run along and play, but donít get into trouble.

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    Happy Holidays!
    all the best to you, Amati, and whomever else this may be reaching.
    Santa went for quality over quantity under the Whitfield imaginary flocked yuletide tree on this soggy '17, I got everything I wanted as far as stuff and am a happy and dry boy. it's still raining so I'm getting my new DELL Insperon laptop up n running after surviving on on little shi-tablet for months... all this screen acreage is spreadin' out so far and wide! the headphone out sound quality is better too, cool. now, if only we could get some good news to toast '18 in with!

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