...and boy, it sure didn't take long, can we see trump surviving til the Happy Holidays?
I can't see how in some manner his tenure will not succumb to the exponentially mounting pressures, especially now that Avenatti has Daniels ready to tweet bait him into every horrible foot-shooting scenario possible re the defamation suit probability. but be it his mental frailness or a republican coup, there's little hope in most views that he can hold out for another 6 mos in the face of this historic meltdown. if it goes so far certainly November will be a month of increasing insanity, culminating with what could be a dramatic shift in Congressional seats, should only The House be taken by Dems it will be another crushing defeat which cinches the rope he's put around his own neck even tighter. then, if The Senate goes as well, oh boy, all that's left is for the fat lady to leave the building and start building the scaffold. to think that just as many predicted when he fell backwards into the Oval Office, this buffoonish mega grifter has done it all to himself, and done so in the grandiose style he's wrapped himself in his whole life. only this time, completely legitimately.