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Thread: now that we can see the end coming...

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    a few more right wing names are peeling away from the toxic brand-in-chief

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post
    trudy is a hubris-laden buttheaded blabbermouth, he's a godsend for American JUSTICE, this and far more is to be expected cos every 5mins another damning boot drops lol you can't even keep up with the mounting new evidence against traitor trump, what slam dunks him yet again in one minute is immediately usurped by something far worse. wait til John Bolton gets his day in court! Dems had enuf to move a week ago, but they know there's too much coming in the next 2 weeks to rush imminent impeachment. I think they want more just to nail Pence and anyone else simultaneously, ending their toxic reign completely, then have a very Merry Christmas.
    Hail Nancy!

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    you know when a hardcore righty pos like Liz Cheney is speaking against her fellow shitholes for their unsurprising vocal murder of wounded war hero Lt. Col. Vindman prior to his day before Congress that the desperation is over-ripe and about to burst regarding traitor trump. those guilty as sin circling like pussyass sharks around such an honorable man to rip him to shreds for telling the truth need to be hauled off to prison for life AT BEST. it's just a matter of time before trump flips his DC sycophants against him, and it's palpable, every day gets nastier and nastier for them. the worst of the bunch will not be able to stop the nervous Grassley / McConnell factions from dumping traitor trump to save their own skins, the party be damned. that there's still a bunch of Fascists in trump's toxic corner shows their Civil War will never end til they're wiped out.
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    traitor trumpers - stop the secrecy! it's a sham! we demand public hearings and transparency!
    Nancy - ok, we'll make it Official, completely public and open. let's vote to do that.
    traitor trumpers - NO! you're just trying to humiliate trump politically!

    meanwhile, traitor trump thinks moving his residency from NY to FLA will somehow get rid of the SDNY releasing his tax returns.

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    lol the apoplectic desperate guilty are finally blurting out names of those whom they have 0 clue about regarding the patriotic whistleblower in complete disregard for even this person's life, which in fact they, like traitor trump, want dead. DEAD. traitor trump has already said it from the start, one of the few times he's said a truth, simply cos good people dare to tell the truth and expose their corruption in yet another of the myriad proof against their favorite fraud. traitor trump Jr. broke the law doing it, but like every motherfucking traitor in this mob they waltz away goober grinning. our media and law enforcement are just as culpable in paving the road in gold for every pos trotted out then escorting them right past jail. that's how these scum have been able to skirt American justice from before the '16 election with Obama's BC etc., they've had it handed to them on a shit-covered silver platter while nobody does a damn thing against any of it. thank god the SDNY isn't playing their game and finally Nancy has the gears in motion to bring these pigs to slaughter after years of treason like never before seen. the sweet part is, these traitors have nobody else to blame and nowhere left to run cos they did it all to themselves.

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    trudy, my top lawyer? Mick Mulvaney, my White House Chief of Staff? Gordon Sundland, my US Ambassador to the European Union?
    I don't know these guys! I only commit treasonous crimes with them! do you really expect me to recall everybody I break laws with?
    lolol last lines of defense... meet the underside of the impeachment bus.
    it's the KKKeystone KKKops turning on each other en mass, which of course everybody knew would happen eventually.
    with the parade of major players on parade before Congress compounding the mountain of incontrovertible evidence against traitor trump that came straight out of his own stupid mouth and the slam dunk incriminating transcript he was sure would absolve him instantly the Dems don't need holdouts like Bolton et al. everything after they admitted guilt is gravy, Steve Bannon spilling more beans in court today and Roger Stone caving to pressure are just a drop in the river of excoriating proof before the hearings become prime time viewing next week for THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to see them all fold like a rack of cheap suits.
    then we have top traitor righty KKKlown show attack dog Jim Jordan in hot water again for shrugging off rape accusations lawsuit just as he's taking the lead from traitor Devin Nunez in the hearings. you couldn't have written a science fiction comedy script to match a fraction of this bullshit which makes Watergate pale like Casper The Friendly Ghost.


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    12hrs til D-Day
    this will be like shooting KKKlowns in a barrel
    what will be interesting is if rightful charges of treason arise as well

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    gay child molester cover guy, traitor righty Gym Jordan - “There is one witness, one witness, that they won’t bring in front of us, they won’t bring in front of the American people, that’s the guy who started it all, the whistleblower.”

    Rep. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) - “Thank you, I say to my colleague, I’d be glad to have the person who started it all come in and testify. trump is welcome to take a seat right there.”

    resounding LAUGHTER from the chambers lolol
    righty traitors were left to stamping their hooves and spewing nonsense in vain attempts to distract and dismiss damning testimony from very credible sources.

    it just got worse from there with Bill Taylor, the top U.S. diplomat to Ukraine, revealing the bombshell that one of his aides David Holmes overheard a phone call July 26 between traitor trump, traitor Sondland, and the EU Ambassador with details about a previously undisclosed phone call directly implicating traitor trump in the bogus Biden probe resulting in an illegal bribery attempt. Holmes is scheduled to testify in a closed session on Friday.

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    the freak sideshow and soon to be inevitable main event is the bloodbath of throwing each other under the bus of American justice and traitor trudy has revealed that he has ''insurance'' should he become another of traitor trump's victims as distancing becomes another typically pathetic recourse of desperation for the guilty parties. soon, traitor trump, who's claimed not to know his entire crime circle will contend that he's never ever known anybody on the planet. lolol

    then there's this further incriminating tidbit from a 2nd bombshell turncoat from the traitor trump fold; OMB official traitor Mark Sandy is now scheduled to testify behind closed doors on Saturday, significant because traitor Sandy was previously scheduled to testify and refused to show up, suggesting that he's changed his mind under pressure to save his ass and is now willing to testify. bad news for his boss, panicking OMB Director traitor Mick Mulvaney.
    traitor trump's rats are now rapidly jumping the sinking ship and the proceedings aren't yet to day 2. this will not end well for anybody but The American People.

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    we just witnessed yet another round of traitor trump's self inflicted terrible horrible no good very bad days lolol once again he couldn't restrain himself from digging his criminal pit even deeper by tweeting witness intimidation as Ms. Yovanovitch was actively testifying before Congress about traitor trump's intimidating her as Ambassador, threatening her life, killing her career, and running her out of the Ukraine in fear on the soonest plane to safety. this was also a cryptic message to others in waiting to testify against him. all illegal.

    in a different room, Holmes testified how traitor Sondland spoke directly to traitor trudy and traitor trump on a loud phone call in a Ukraine diner surrounded by Russian spies and ruining the traitor rightys hearsay absurdity.

    plus, traitor Roger Stone goes down for the count on all 7 charges against him while traitor trump lied that he had no culpable communications when they had hundreds. now we're on pardon watch. will he pay Roger back for taking a life sentence bullet and ease other cohorts fears or not, putting them all in further panic with the default message that they too are left hanging in the jaws of American justice?

    this was just day 2, and Saturday is not a day off. as traitor trudy gets hotly investigated the pressure mounts the question remains, how long before traitor Moscow Mitch can't handle any more and directs a political coup to oust the orange cancer? hopes that Pence will be their fallback are out the window as well, making it impossibly untenable for these idiots cos Nancy is next in line as President.

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    on Tuesday the latest slandered ''never trumper'', Jennifer Williams, traitor Pence's top Russia adviser will repeat her closed-door testimony in public after being another (momentarily) Patriotic victim who's once again been an illegally and aggressively tampered witnesses by traitor trump over the weekend about the extortion / bribery / abuse of office / treason he's blatantly guilty of. she, like many other top trumpublicans with 1st hand info who are scheduled this week, may crap out pleading the 5th on everything but as we know you never know what bombshell traitor trump will blow himself up with or be heard under oath by those facing Congress and American justice. with every day the gravy gets poured over the steak of traitor trump's own admission, the transcript, traitor Mulvaney, et al that nailed this NAZI and his Brown Shirts from the start. Volkert and Sondlund will be more explosives going off this week.

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    poof! just like flash paper there goes yet another BS talking point for traitor trump's treasonous sycophants. not like we didn't need more proof but AP reports that Zelensky was feeling pressured long ago from traitor trump. there's really nothing left for the lying liars who lie to lie about and now it'll just be a bunch of nanny nanny boo boo stop being mean to traitor trump!! lolol these political pretzels have nowhere left to run and there's lots more to come.
    then there's this tidbit regarding busted Russian criminal Maria Butina's traitor republican boyfriend pleading guilty to wire fraud and money laundering
    aaaand good ol' who me? Pence gets buried deeper in his own BS

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    btw... how come we haven't seen traitor trump since his supposed routine medical checkup at ...Walter Reed MC? those are always held at the White House top facilities and we know how he loves the cameras yet NOTHING from him for days now. it'd be a real shame if he dropped dead from years of rage.

    traitor trump is also in deep shit for lying to Mueller re Roger Stone / wikileaks via Rick Gates testimony and is yet another article of impeachment cos traitor Barr will protect him from everything else. it's not like we didn't know then his scribbles were pure BS but now it's laid bare in capital criminal letters.

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    it's a wrap. put a pretty bow on this incredible moment in history.
    maybe never before has the public watched a witness fully out a crime syndicate and leave an entire fraudulent administration flayed to the bone like Sondland did in front of Congress. now it's all eyes on traitor trump's twitter cowed enablers as to when they make that Nixonian march to the lair of the wounded lion and tell him it's over.

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    no amount of spray tan can mask the desperation if traitor trump is dropping to his knees in front of Mittens lol

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    That's all folks! If we re-elect a certain person.

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    Jeff Flake will vote for the Dem against traitor trumputin
    how many more will flip Left?

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    traitor Barr protects traitor Flynn for traitor trump

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    LOL he sees the light at the end of the tunnel and it's coming straight at him fast
    Bright 60min
    traitor trump kisses the cure g'bye
    swing States
    don't blame traitor trump!
    protecting pious pompous traitor Pompeo
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