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Thread: Zoysia grass

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    Question Zoysia grass

    I've heard good things about Zoysia grass.
    Chokes out weeds and other grasses.
    Need little watering.
    Needs little cutting.
    Grows well in shade.
    Is it that good???

    Bad part is that it is expensive.
    Best place to buy some????

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    Default Re: Zoysia grass

    Zoysia grass is a mixed bag.
    You should consider where you are planting it: how much shade, how much moisture, etc.

    We first tried Emerald Green Zoysia. At first it worked well, but over time it only grew well in shaded areas and was choked out by Honan grass in the sun.

    We got it because it felt like walking on a velvet carpet. Very nice.
    Now we are going to try El Toro Zoysia, because neighbors have had good results with it.

    I recommend going to a professional dealer who knows his grass (there's one in Waimanalo, Quality Turfgrass, 41-951 Waikupanaha St, Waimanalo, HI 96795, (808) 259-8191).
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