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Thread: Hurricane Lane

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    The Central Pacific Hurricane Center (CPHC) has been tracking Hurricane Lane since Saturday afternoon August 18, 2018.

    As of Tuesday afternoon August 21, 2018, the county of Hawaii is under a hurricane warning while the counties of Maui and Honolulu are under a hurricane watch.

    While I still have some canned food that I purchased during the Hurricane Hector a couple of weeks ago, I do need to make another supply run tonight.

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    we got a category 5 cranking down on us and starting to touch Hawaii island

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    And then it fizzled out before it was supposed to hit Oahu. Still, Lane dumped damaging rain on the Big Island and winds caused a damaging fire on Maui. So Lane had its impacts.

    Today Lane is far away from Hawaii moving in a westerly direction fluctuating between storm and depression.

    Miriam lurks far in the East Pacific this week moving westward.
    I'm still here. Are you?

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    Lucky that Hurricane Lane drove to a Keep Left sign. Then, it made a left turn.

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