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    What happened to KFVE?

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    Now 9.1 is KHII owned by the same company that owns Channel 2 KHON.
    New call letters, Raycom had to sell the station after another conglomerate bought Raycom and the FCC said one of 3 stations that Raycom owns locally had to be let go... KGMB, KHNL, KFVE.

    KFVE was jettisoned. KGMB and KHNL are major network stations.

    So now KFVE is KHII and airs the MyTV network.

    K5 which was on 9.1 OTA is now on 13.2 OTA, KHNL's digital sub-channel. So the local shows that was on the old KFVE are now on 13.2. The cable TV channel is now at 22 (Spectrum).

    The sale was closed January 28. Was announced back in December 2018.
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    The channel number for K5 isn't on channel five.

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    For Spectrum Cable it is on channel 6, with the station id being KSIX but the graphic icon for it still says K5.
    Spectrum channel 22 is listed as KSIX2HD.

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