We have the most stupid voters in the nation.
Dams have been in power forever, and things are only getting worse.
Highest cost of living.
Highest taxes.
Taxes on everything.
Monopoly on power, water, fuel.

Worse roads in the country.
Poor education and classrooms.
Poor teachers.

Highest homeless population.
government controlled by the unions.

Major drug problem, that government doesn't talk about.
Major Sex trafficking ,that government doesn't talk about.

High crime rate, that government hides from the people.

They tell us tourism is way up, but still want to raise taxes.
Where is all the tourist money going????
Rail that will never be self sufficient, is double the cost so far, and majority of the high positions are from out of state.

How is that helping our people????
Less than half on the politicians were born here.

dams trying to turn Hawaii into another kakafonia.

Stupid people here just keep on voting in the same party.

How do they expect any change when one party is in control????
And they wonder why locals are leaving the state.

When are people going to wake up and vote for a change???

Instead of putting the same "followers" in office.