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Thread: Taxi vs ride share????

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    Default Taxi vs ride share????

    Both collect money for a ride.
    So what is the difference between the two????
    Why do taxis need to follow rules, the ride shares don't????
    Do ride shares have the same insurance that taxis have????
    Do ride shares need a PUC license like taxis do???

    Seems to me ride shares have an unfair advantage over taxis.

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    Default Re: Taxi vs ride share????

    It's an advantage, but why is it an unfair advantage? A quick Google search would reveal that ride-share drivers do have insurance for providing the service (whether it's "the same" or not I don't know but that shouldn't be hard to find out).

    Our whole lives, taxi cab services have been ridiculous to deal with. You stand on a street curb waving like crazy, just hoping someone will pick you up. Or you call ahead and wait, sometimes for an hour, before a cab shows up, and you have no idea what kind of car it is or who the driver is. Why?

    Cab companies are finally catching up, but only because the ride-sharing companies showed us how pleasant paying for a ride could be. Before anyone even shows up, you know what kind of car it is, who the driver is, and exactly how close to you it is. Drivers are generally motivated to provide a good service because they get rated by customers. If you had a lousy cab ride in the past, you could complain but it wouldn't do any good, not only because there's no real repercussion on the driver, but because you have no knowledge of (or input on) whether or not the driver picks you up for your next ride.

    Your assertion that cab companies have to follow rules but ride-sharing companies don't is erroneous. They follow different rules, but they follow rules. The ride-sharing companies won't let drivers drive if they've had a certain number of moving violations or if the car they own is more than a few years old. Is there this kind of regulation on cab drivers?

    Ride-sharing services aren't taking my business away from cab companies, because taking cabs was so expensive and such an enormous pain that I never used them. Now I have an option that makes me feel like a valued customer. When cab companies can match the service (and why can't they?), I'll consider using them.
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