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Thread: The war period of Hawaii questions

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    Default The war period of Hawaii questions

    I was reading this. So the first settlers in Hawaii came from Micronesia. Once arrived, they lived pretty much alone for 1,000 years. Then a group from Tahiti arrived at the Big Island. They were war-like and changed many of the Hawaiian customs. And introduce some new concepts such as Mana.

    My questions are:

    1. Was it one group of Micronesian? And then the population multiplied? Or was there a lot of back and forth travels? And was it a kept secret where Hawaii was located at? And that's why they were left "alone" for 1,000 years?

    2. Why did this group from Tahiti decided to sail for Hawaii? How did they find out where Hawaii was? Why did they want to come to this new land? What was their purpose? Did they get chased out of Tahiti?

    3. Could Kamehameha be Tahitian? Capt Cook's writings spelled Kamehameha Tama'a ma'a (or something like that). He had the warrior traits from the start, was a good fighter, warrior, used strategy, etc.
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