Saw the movie Shazam! at the Ward Theater in early April 2019.

The movie is about the wizard Shazam finding a replacement for himself, one attempt in the 1970 brings in a young boy from New York which the young lad doesn't measure up and he is sent back to where he came.

Through out the years the wizard keeps transporting other possible replacements to his lair but none of the people he tries out meets his needs. However the young lad now grown up as a Dr. Sivana who also researches into these disappearances finds out the process of getting to the wizard's lair. He manages to get to the lair and unleashes the deadly seven sins for his personally power. While defeating the wizard he doesn't kill him. Dr. Sivana heads back to his home and starts to wreck havoc.

Later the wizard does one more try for a replacement he gets teenager Billy Baston who deems worthy to receive the wizard's power. All Billy has to say is Shazam and he is transformed into an adult with some superpowers.

Parts of the movie is Billy trying to find out what his powers are thanks in part to his foster brother named Freddy who seems to have a handle on the super power thingy. Should also mention that this movie takes place in the DC Extended Universe so mentions and artifacts of Superman and Batman are shown in this movie.

And of course there is the fight between Dr. Sivana and Billy Baston's super powered form.