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    Say it aint so. Those PDAs on the news were a fraud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walkoff Balk View Post

    Say it aint so. Those PDAs on the news were a fraud.
    it was shocking but not surprising news. wtf he ever saw in her from day 1 will be one of the myriad questions never answered.

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    gotta luv the coerced write-in campaign by mainly Kealoha family to give these pigs preferential treatment with minimal to 0 sentencing penalties, claiming the good they've done in the distant past, even as a kid lolol well, they didn't get busted royal by the law for doing good. not that there hasn't been bigger scandals which never have seen the light of day in any court, but you'd have to go back decades to the Kukui Park Plaza scandal to rival the Kealoha shit show and their putrid partners in crime. we don't have a prison big enuf to house all the guilty, many of whom are still in HPD and Gmt. corrupting the force and Justice system.

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