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    Majority of the homeless are cronics, have mental problems because of drugs, just don't want to work.
    By giving them everything for free, are they just encouraging them to keep on doing what they are doing??????
    There are many that are just beyond help. Brain dead.

    Nothing can be done to change them. They just want to be left alone.

    Making a homeless community will not work. More and more people will see that they can live for free, eat for free, pay no taxes, do anything they want, and demand to move there.

    Before you know it, it will have to be expanded. Then expanded again, and again, and again, until it starts to migrate into communities.

    Once they start it, it will never end.
    There are many open areas on the grounds of the state capital, around honolulu hale, and a really nice area next to the police station.

    Why not start the homeless camp start there????
    It's safe. They would have access to rest rooms. Close to a hospital. Close to food.

    Seems like the perfect place to start.

    Majority of the homeless just want everything for free.

    Elected officials want to give them for free, because it brings them votes. Higher office. green is a perfect example of this.
    If you think about it, they are quick to give away our tax dollars, then raise taxes to give away more.

    Bleeding hearts do it just to make themselves look good. If they really want to help, they should open their own homes to the homeless.
    Many of them own rentals. Second homes. Condos.

    Do you think they would rent to homeless????
    Makes me sick when I see what kind of cars they drive. Lexis, Mercedes, Tesla............
    The money they spend on a new car, could pay for shelter for a homeless family for years.
    constance lau makes millions a year.

    Think of how many homeless she could help.

    Have you ever seen a homeless that is not a cronic, or former cronic?????
    I haven't.
    But do you notice, government is doing nothing about the war on drugs????
    In fact, because they are losing the war, and they know it, they want to change the law to legalize pot, so they don't have to deal with the war anymore.

    Drugs are one of the main causes of homelessness.

    Why can people not see it.

    Anytime you have a one party controlled state, you get only one side of the story.
    The side they want you to hear.
    The side that will only make themselves look good, and keep them in power.
    Maybe someday all the corruption, pay to play, public projects for political support, friends and family perks, will come out.

    Two party system was created to ensure check and balances.

    Both parties would watch each other, to ensure things are done above the table.

    With a one party system, we never know what is going on behind close doors.
    I'm thinking people here are to stupid to see this.
    With all the problems we're having, the dems have no one to blame but themselves.

    Homeless problem, along with the drug problem, will get way worse.
    Elected officials throw more and more money at it.

    They will keep on raising taxes until people finally see what is happening.
    Hopefully people will see it before it's to late.

    If it's not to late already.
    Makes me sick

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    Default Re: Homeless problem government problem

    hey, trump, is that you? lol
    your ass spew is so full of bullshit it's not worth detailing any of it


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