Picked up the following titles that make up the Star Trek Prometheus novel series:

  1. Fire With Fire
  2. The Root of All Rage
  3. In the Heart of Chaos

So far I finished the first two books. The series takes place between the movies Star Trek: Nemesis and the rebooted Star Trek.

The Prometheus is the same ship from the Star Trek: Voyager episode Message in a Bottle.

The overall plot of the series is that a faction of a neutral race that lies between the Federation and the Klingon Empire wants to everyone not to move beyond their home systems and has resorted to violence by destroying Federation and Klingon facilities. The main body of this neutral race don't believe in violence and denounce the actions of the faction, however this doesn't satisfy the Klingon High Council or the average Federation citizen and tensions are running high.

Star Fleet sends the USS Prometheus with a Klingon battle cruiser to the neutral race's part of space to find the faction.