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    Murder Mystery
    This is an Adam Sadler and Jennifer Aniston comedy. So, this movie is predictable for a few laffs. I read where this movie has been watched more than the Game of Thrones finale.

    Bullitt County
    I'm a fan of those dark indie films.

    Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers
    Believe it or not!

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    Running for Grace
    This movie is set in Hawaii during the 1920's. Why did a character do the "shaka" sign in one scene? Did the "shaka" go back to the 1920's?

    The Perfection
    A Tales from the Crypt story gets to be more graphic with the gore.

    A dark movie with a serial killer being a human Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

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    Always Be My Maybe:
    Ali Wong has come a long way from doing standup specials on Netflixl. Look for a cameo appearance by Keanu Reeves showing more acting range than the John Wick movies combined. He plays a new age Hollywood type.

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    I enjoyed "Always Be My Maybe." Very cute. The first shot is of a spam and rice meal, earning it extra points. (Spoiler alert?)

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    The Ballad of Buster Scruggs:
    There are six short stories in this movie with a dark view humor of the western of the Coen brothers. This is not your father's western movies. A happy ending won't necessarily happen if you're good and naive in your dad's cowboy movies.

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    Kamasami, Instead of a giant gorilla, this movie has a giant pig.

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    The Highwaymen

    Ex-Texas rangers go on a trail to get Bonnie & Clyde. Kevin Costner and Woody Harrison are typecast for this buddy movie. Costner plays a straight arrow lawman and Harrison plays the alcoholic wanting redemption. The Costner character is completely different from the 1960's Bonnie & Clyde movie where the lawman was a buffoon.

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    The Silence:

    The Silence has the same plot as Bird Box and A Quiet Place of unseen creatures that will attack humans if they make a sound. Bird Box is another Netflix movie starring Sandra Bullock. A Quiet Place was a recent theatrical film.

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    A Breaking Bad movie? Can't wait!

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    You can pick out a movie that might peak your interest.

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    El Camino The Breaking Bad Movie:

    This movie focus on what happens to Jesse Pinkman after the end of Breaking Bad. It's slow moving and gets into a character study of Jesse Pinkman much like Better Call Saul has the tension of the character of Jimmy McGill struggles to do the right things.

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    The Irishman:

    The Scorsese, DeNiro, and Pesci collaboration used to make classic films. Now, on Netflix the feels like comfort food. It's too long to watch in a movie theater. So, you can watch the movie with breaks on Netflix on tv at home.

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    Marriage Story:

    Not black & white on who's at fault in the marriage. But, it's mostly gray area as two people grow apart. And the truth comes out in what was said in frustration and anger.

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    Tiger King:

    From all the hype and reviews, it sounds like a mockumentary that an ex-SNL member would star in.

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    The Platform:

    It's a dark horror film from Spain. But, it has social and philosophical meanings.

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    Train to Busan:

    This is a Korean zombie movie. It was an entertainment watch last year. Now, It's a surreal scary pandemic movie.

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    Evil Genius: The True Story of America's Most Diabolical Bank Heist

    If you liked Tiger King. You might enjoy another documentary with bizarre people involved in a story with twists.

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    Dolemite is My Name:

    Eddie Murphy play Rudy Ray Moore aka Dolemite. He has kind of naivety in trying to make it big with his music and movies. He is considered the origin of rap with his street tall tales.

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    The Wrong Missy:

    David Spade plays the sarcastic straight man. Lauren Lapkus is his love interest who does a Kristen Wiig SNL like character. This film was mostly shot in Hawaii.

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    Den of Thieves:

    Gerald Butler is a play by his own rules sheriff in a cat & mouse game with a gang of thieves on a heist. Look for a cameo appearance by local MMA fighter Max Holloway.

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    The Disaster Artist:

    The movie states that this movie is inspired by a true story. The Franco brothers play two actors who make a movie so bad that it becomes a cult hit. This movie was probably inspired by Ed Wood's Plan Nine from Outer Space.

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    I'm Thinking of Ending Things:

    If you're looking for a movie that's depressing about not living your life's dreams.

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    Herbie Halloween:

    An Adam Sadler movie aimed at kids with his brand of comedy.


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