As far as I can see, Aloha is almost gone in hawaii.
It's becoming more, and more, like kakafonicate.
More, and more locals, are moving away to the mainland.
Better jobs, cheaper cost of living, cheaper housing, less traffic, less damacrat, and more Aloha.

A good friend just moved to Tennessee.

He could afford to BUY a house there.

Big house.

Two story, four bedrooms, big kitchen, large enclosed patio, big yard.

Could have bought three, or more, of them for the price of one tiny house here.
He got there just before the 4th of July.
AMERICAN FLAGS all over the place.

On almost every pole along the highway. At almost every business. Almost every house. Even most cars had AMERICAN FLAGS flying on them.

Not a protester in sight.
He couldn't believe how people are so friendly to strangers.

Drivers are so courteous.
Everyone uses turn signals.

No one speeding through stop lights.
Everyone pulls over for emergency vehicles.

No one following after emergency vehicles, to get ahead of others.

Stops to let cars backing out of parking.

Even the cops are nice and friendly.
Government is how they should be.

Leave the people alone, to live their lives with as little government interference as possible.

Friend had lived here for over 30 years.
Was heart broken to leave all his close friends.
He said Tennessee is like how hawaii used to be 30 years ago.

People there reminded him of of how Aloha was in hawaii.

hawaii is becoming just another kakafonicate, and it seems the people here are OK with it.

Even encouraging/embracing it.
By becoming just like another state, we are destroying the Aloha that made hawaii special.
There is still little glimpses of real, from the heart Aloha from time to time.

But it is becoming so rare that it's big news when it happens.

Think about it.....If Aloha was as common as it was in the past, it wouldn't be reported as being big news. Being something special.

It would just people living Aloha.