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Thread: 2019 UH Women's Volleyball

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    Athletic talent generally wins in sports at the collegiate level. You can see that with the transfers and talented frosh players on this team. So, they have a deeper bench.

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    You're not supposed to take the volleyball and go home.

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    My favs are Brooke Van Sickle and Rika Okino. Van Sickle has a cat ate the canary smile when she gets kills over much taller opponents. Okino was a seldom used player with a deer in the headlights look to now popping up a lot of balls to prevent them from hitting the floor.

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    Congrats to the UH Women's Volleyball team on making the Sweet 16. Pretty amazing for a team with a couple of 5'10" outside hitters getting kills against a tall U of San Diego team.

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    It's about players with a Toni Tennille's hairstyle, and Dave Sojii's jet black hair for a high school graduation picture.


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